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Designer, Printer, Publisher and Brand Owner get together!

Harness the Antalis Creative Power: Choosing Paper Is a Creative ActTM!

Register your project in one of the 8 categories of Antalis Creative Power Awards organised by Antalis.

Empower your creativity by using premium brands distributed by your local Antalis office in participating countries (listed in the submission form).

Flaunt your projects in front of an expert jury and strive to receive awards and prizes.

Professionals with creative spirits, we invite you to select the right paper and:

  • Register now your project until the 31st May 2022 on our website
  • Accept and adhere to all the terms and conditions of the Antalis Creative Power Awards Rules
  • Endeavour to be :
    • Pre-selected – send two printed samples of your entered project to the Antalis team before 31st May 2022 to validate your submission
    • Selected by the jury as a finalist of one of the categories
    • Selected by the Jury as the winner of one of the prize to be awarded
  • Accept the Media & Communication Plan as designed, organised and monitored by Antalis
  • Enjoy your prize and the visibity of your project under the Antalis Media & Communication Plan


Categories and Prizes

All entries must fall into one of the following categories:

Report & Publishing: annual reports, CSR reports, art books, look books, catalogues, corporate communication

Brand Identity & Stationery: business stationery, brand identity, menus, notebooks

Packaging & Promotional: gift boxes, posters, folding boxes, shopping bags, red packets, moon cake boxes

Mailers & Invitations: press releases, invitations, wedding announcements, postcards, flyers

From eco-design to eco-print through the choice of the paper, we want to highlight stories in which stakeholders tried to limit their environmental footprint


Paper Stories
How the choice of a specific paper can support a brand repositioning? Can it help a brand look funnier, more glamourous, more eco-friendly, more premium?
Tell us how Antalis has helped you chose the right paper for a printed communication project.

Design for Good
From design activism for a cause to supporting a commited NGO, designers for good should be put under the spotlight

Print Excellence
The jury will choose their favourite projects based on the high level of execution of a project with one or more demanding print techniques.

The jury will select 6 finalists in each category and then, select the winners.

Pre-selection Phase – Requirements for approval of project registration:

  • Antalis Creative Power Awards invites all designers, printers, publishers and brand owners to submit their projects, regardless of the printing technique used
  • All projects must be printed using papers and boards distributed by Antalis with the premium brands available for each country in the registration form
  • Projects must be carried out between January 2021 – end of May 2022
  • A title, description of the project, some technical production data and relevant images (from a minimum of two to a maximum of ten photos) must be included
  • Antalis reserve the right to publish all, or a selection of, the photographs and descriptions of projects, at their discretion, across any social media, websites, digital platforms or via any other media
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have consent of all stakeholders in the use of projects, images, samples, personal data and any information provided for and in the purpose of the Antalis Creative Power Awards. You may be asked to provide evidence of consent

Antalis reserves the right to reject any project at its own discretion

Selection Phase – Announcement to Reward and Communication

 Finalists & Winners Announcement

  • The finalists will be announced during summer 2022
    The winners will be announced in Paris in mid-September 2022.
  • Antalis will organise a professional photo shoot of the finalist projects to be displayed in a printed magazine and on all digital platforms.
  • Finalists & Winners authorise Antalis to share their name and professional details with our partners Hinderer + Mühlich, Monotype, and The Brand Identity to receive their rewards.

Rewards Finalists

  • The 6 finalists within each category will see their printer rewarded with a 400€ voucher from Hinderer + Mühlich and their designer will be rewarded with a one-year subscription to MonotypeFonts (value at $550/month)
  • Some finalists will also have the chance to be featured on The Brand Identity digital platforms, to be interviewed and present their project to the graphic design community.


Reward Winner of Application categories

The winners of the 4 application categories (Reports & Publishing, Brand Identity & Stationery, Mailers and Invitations, Reports & Publishing) will have the chance to attend dinner at a restaurant with all stakeholders of their project (up to a maximum 5 people) organised by Antalis in their region (for a total value up to 1500€).


Reward Winner of Special prizes

The winners of the 4 special prizes (Eco-Conception, Design for Good, Paper Stories and Print Excellence) will have the chance to attend a paper mill visit in one of Arjowiggins mill organised by Antalis. For each project, the designer, the printer and the brand owner will be accompanied by one Antalis representative for a 2 day all-inclusive stay for a total value up to 4000€.


Communication on Social Media, Websites, Digital Platforms and other Media

All submitted and pre-selected projects might be showcased throughout the submission period. In addition, the finalists will be showcased during the summer. Winning projects will also be extensively publicised.

Antalis will communicate on the project, at its discretion, through any social media, websites, digital platforms and/or any other Medias


Antalis, together with The Brand Identity, will create a magazine that will include all finalist projects and the interviews with the winners. 15,000 copies will be printed and distributed.

Acceptance of the Antalis Creative Power Awards Rules:

On entering the Antalis Creative Power Awards, each participant is required to:

  • Unconditionally accept and adhere to all terms and conditions laid out in the Antalis Creative Power Awards Rules
  • Declare and guarantee that he/she has all necessary rights, and licences from all stakeholders, to the Project for the purposes of the Antalis Creative Power Awards (see Article 8 of the Rules), for disclosing personal data of any stakeholder on the project for the contest, and to provide any evidence in that respect on request by Antalis.